2 Steps Forward, 3 Steps Back…in Life & in Faith


We’ve probably all heard and experienced this statement. For every little bit of progress made, we seem to lose some ground. I’ve experienced this on several occasions in life, but only recently realized that it was impacting my faith.

Food For Thought

Last week we received a statement from our mortgage company. It was regarding property taxes in our county. The assessed values of homes had gone up in our area, therefore we were short in our Escrow account. We need to pay the difference that we are short for our property taxes for this year.

This is frustrating but not uncommon for homeowners. On this particular day, however, it really rubbed me the wrong way. I started crying. I wasn’t crying because we can’t pay it. God has provided for our family yet again. I was crying because I feel like we cannot make progress on paying off and repairing our home so that we can list it to sell.

It seems like every time we make some progress on the home improvement end or get a little ahead on pay-off, something like this bill comes along. Or we have something else break that is more urgent than general fix-ups. Or we have a car repair that takes precedence. Or a medical bill comes up. You know…#reallife.

You might be thinking that with increased property values we would be in good shape for selling. Not really. Our home is older in our community of fast developing new subdivisions. Our home also has a lot of costly repairs that need to be done to make it worth the current market value. We’ve already invested close to 50K in our home for repairs, but it just isn’t enough. So, yes, we definitely feel like it’s two steps forward and three steps back when it comes to the physical structure that is our house.

But these moments of backsliding don’t just happen with our houses or jobs or well-intentioned diet and exercise plans. Sometimes I feel like I’m on this losing track with my faith, too.

I’ll see progress in my spiritual life. Yes, I spend daily time in Bible study, scripture, and prayer. Yes, my family attends church every Sunday and Bible study on Wednesday nights. But what about my doubts that keep coming up, causing me to question God and His plan? What about those sinful thoughts and actions I just can’t seem to shake, even though I desperately want to be better? What about my selfish desires that take my focus from being a child of God? What about the television and movies I still allow in my house that promote sinful behaviors and a Godless existence? What about my “No, I can’t” response to someone in need? What about the grudges and bitterness I hold on to? Sometimes I feel like I’m on a muddy trail and for every few feet I gain, I slide back several more.

In life and in faith, I have to just believe I’m doing the best I can. Perfection is not possible but progress is always achievable. Keep moving forward. Sometimes it will be baby steps forward. Other times it will be giant steps in the right direction. Then there will be some sliding backward. But I won’t give up! Giving up is a sure-fire way to never go forward. Perseverance is the only way to guarantee that eventually, we will reach our destination.

Today’s Scripture

Today’s Recipe

Since we’re “two-steppin'” here, today, I thought I’d share an easy and fun 2-step Easter candy recipe. Easter Bark is fast, simple, and perfectly pretty in its pastel colors! Bark is always going to be the fastest and easiest candy recipe in my book and it goes with any holiday or celebration because you can mix up the colors! Candy melt wafers come in a variety of colors and flavors these days and are available at most any craft and hobby store. I didn’t even have to go to the store for this recipe. I had enough left-over candy melts and sprinkles from other projects.

Like I said, only two steps. If you can melt chocolate and shake a sprinkle container, you can make this candy! This is a great kitchen project for the kids, too, as long as you supervise the hot melted candy.

Easter Bark

You Need: assorted candy melts in pastel colors or white almond bark AND assorted Easter/Spring sprinkles and candies

Step 1: Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper. Prepare candy melts according to package directions and pour onto prepared pan. Swirl with knife, if desired.

Step 2: Add the sprinkles and candies, pressing down slightly into the melted chocolate. Refrigerate for 20 minutes. Break into pieces.

That’s it! A fast and festive holiday treat to share, ready in 30 minutes.

Easter Candy Basket

For gifting or displaying your candy bark, line a wire or wicker Easter basket with holiday-themed tissue paper and stack the Easter bark in the basket. Tie on a bow, if desired.

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