Cut the Fluff!

Welcome  There are times in life when fluffy is good.  A nice fluffy quilt or coat in winter.  Light and deliciously fluffy pancakes.  The luxury of a full and fluffy duvet in nice hotel.  And who doesn’t love an adorable fluffy bunny or kitten?  Most of the time, however, I want to cut the fluff.  The “fluff” usually implies extras, filler, or other generally unnecessary items.  Thanks for joining me today as I share how I’m trying to cut the fluff!

Food For Thought  Have you ever got a package in the mail that you were so excited about?  You opened the box with eager anticipation only to be face to face with a hefty pile of Styrofoam packing peanuts or layers of bubble wrap.  You dig and sort and toss and finally find what you’ve been looking for, only to find that it is about a quarter of the size you expected.  How about when you open a new bottle of vitamins or ibuprofen, only to discover that half the bottle is filled with cotton?  Or the seemingly full bag of potato chips that is in fact a bag of air packed with a handful of chips?  Ohhh, or even worse, going to a conference or workshop, only to spend most of the time playing ridiculous games or engaging in activities that have nothing to do with the topic at hand.

All of these events have something in common.  For starters, they frustrate and annoy us.  We also tend to feel a bit ripped off as consumers, realizing most of what we paid for went to packaging or other filler.  It’s wasteful of our money, time, and resources.  The common theme is that each event was full of fluff that we didn’t want or need.  We want to cut to the chase, leave out the filler, and not be misled in what we’re actually getting for our money, whether it’s a product from the local discount store or our time spent in a professional workshop.

Personally, I’m on a mission to cut the fluff!  I’m not a minimalist, but I appreciate the core ideas of the philosophy.  I can get by with less stuff.  I have more than I need and, honestly, even more than I want.  I don’t like clutter or chaos.  I love order, structure, and organization.  So when I feel like we have too much “fluff” in the house, it’s time to have a yard sale or set up a charity donation.  Since I am no longer working as a professional outside the home and I no longer run, I have been able to cut down my wardrobe by almost half.  As a family we have cut down the number of books and movies we purchase, opting for rentals or library loans.  We purchase less “filler” foods like ice cream, crackers, juice, and pop-tarts.  And I’m not filling up my time with a lot of fluff on social media or junk television.  These choices free up our budget, our mind, and our home for things we consider more valuable or important.

We are living in a world that seems to love fluff.  Whether it’s in the business world, giving you the least amount of product for the most financial return, or filling our news feed and media coverage with garbage that has no positive value to our hearts, minds, or souls.  Even movies are full of fluff now, filling the minutes with profanity, crude and suggestive behavior, and innuendo, without adding much value, if any, to the story line.  I would beg and plead with the entertainment industry to please cut the fluff, or to be more honest, cut the crap!

I think this is where we’re at now in society because fluff and filler is easy.  These things take up time, space and energy so we don’t have to address the real issues.  We can pad our egos with extra purchases or gossip, or justify our choices because we see the same behaviors play out every day on the screens we watch.  But we’re still not getting to the heart of the matter because there’s too much junk in the way.  So we’ve got to cut the fluff.  Toss aside the filler that has little or no value.

Where can you make the cut?  Is it time on social media?  Materialism?  Bitterness or grudges?

Remove the fluff and make room for what’s important: Faith.  Family.  Friends.  Peace.  Good health.  Good vibes.

Today’s Scripture I don’t usually use the King James Bible for our daily scriptures on the blog, but I really like the word choice found in the middle of this passage-“let us lay aside every weight.”  The fluff weighs us down!  The fluff makes it harder for us to walk the path of light.  The fluff distracts us from what’s important.

Hebrews 12:1 KJV  “Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us”

Today’s Recipe  Okay, I started today’s post with a few ways “fluff” can be good.  How about the classic Fluffernutter?  We have a quick recipe that’s fun and easy for the weekend or a sweet surprise lunch for the kids this summer: a Grilled Fluffernutter and Banana Sandwich.  It’s crazy sweet and sticky, but strangely satisfying for a once-in-a-while treat.

Grilled Fluffer-Nutter and Banana Sandwich (makes 2 whole sandwiches)

  • 4 slices whole grain bread
  • 4 TBS peanut butter
  • 2-4 TBS marshmallow fluff (depends on how sweet and sticky you want to make it)
  • 1 whole banana
  • 2 TBS soft margarine or butter

Spread two slices of bread with two tablespoons peanut butter each.  Spread the other two slices with marshmallow fluff.  Peel the banana and cut in half.  Split each half length-wise.  Place two slices of banana on each piece of bread with the peanut butter. Top with the marshmallow fluff bread, sticky side-down.  Spray a large nonstick skillet with nonstick cooking spray and turn to medium-high heat.  Spread a half tablespoon of butter on top of each sandwich’s top bread slice.  When skillet is hot, place sandwiches butter side-down in skillet.  Spread another half table tablespoon of butter on top of each sandwich.  After cooking three or four minutes, flip the sandwiches with a sturdy spatula.  Continue to grill another three minutes or until both sides of the bread are golden brown and the filling is melted and gooey.