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The “Healthy Grocery Store” Challenge is coming!  Can I feed my family for a full week while following the “healthy grocery store” rules and stay under our $100 weekly food budget?  I will be sharing what happened in a few days!



Some weeks faith-family-food spends a lot of time addressing faith topics and diving into scriptures.  Posts look more like devotionals.  Some weeks I focus more on family issues and address topics in marriage or parenting.  Then there are weeks, like last week, that focus more on the food side.  Some days we touch on all three.  This works for me because it’s real life.  We shouldn’t take off our faith “hat” just because we put on our chef-mom “hat.”  That doesn’t mean, however, there aren’t days when I’m more focused on how to stretch our family’s budget a little further for the groceries than coming up with my next Bible journaling page.  Then there are the days when something weighs heavy on my mind and I want to bring it to my readers, hoping to share and receive encouragement in this positive, faith-friendly space.  But in the back of all our minds, we know we still have dinner to fix!

I hope this is the “beauty” of faith-family-food.  It’s a place to share encouragement and God’s word, but still have a good laugh over that mess my family just made and have a slice of cake, too.

At faith-family-food we are all about sharing stories of real faith, real life, and really yummy food!  You can head on over to my home page for the latest post, devotional, scripture, and recipe!

Ecclesiastes 11:8
Are you ready to live a meaningful, rather than meaningless, life?