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04/04/19 It is true that beans were once called “poor man’s meat” and often used as filler to stretch a small quantity of meat.  But now, not only for cost effectiveness, but also health benefits, we are being urged to eat more beans.  It is true that beans are the most healthy AND economical source of protein.  So why not swap out that package of meat for a package or can of beans for a Thrifty Thursday, Frugal Friday, or Meatless Monday?  Try this recipe for Skillet Black Beans and Avocado Cilantro Rice.

09/12/18  Is it me or is it getting to be more and more of a challenge to feed our families delicious and nutritious meals while keeping the grocery bill under budget?  I gave myself a “healthy grocery store challenge” and came out of the store with five days worth of mostly healthy meals and snacks for under $90.  Interested in the details?  Check out the story here.

Cheesy Vegetable and Potato Soup
Cheesy Vegetable and Potato Soup

07/17/18 Save those large family-size pails from your economical ice cream purchases.  These buckets, with their lids, make ideal watermelon slice totes, keeping drips and spills to a minimum!  Find out more about the economical value of the potluck here.

07/13/18  Today’s Recipe  One of the easiest ways we’ve cut down the budget is becoming more frugal grocery shoppers.  We check the weekly sale ads, buy store brands, and eat less meat.  And we don’t waste anything!  Sometimes we want to stretch the groceries a few more days until that next paycheck comes in.  Then it’s time to play “Pantry Raid” or “Empty the Fridge.”  I go through the pantry or fridge and pull out things that are “almost” gone and combine them.  This works especially well with pasta, rice, grains, and beans.

Our recipe today combines a couple of my favorite Frugal Friday tips.  First of all, this is a meatless dish, so that automatically makes it more thrifty, and healthier, too!  Second, it’s a clean out the fridge dinner, which makes it flexible for what you have on hand and uses up little bits and pieces that may be hanging out in the pantry or fridge.  Click here for the recipe.

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07/12/18  Thrifty Thursday is back and we’re talking about the Convenience of Casseroles!  Get grocery tips, casserole recipes, and more on this link!

3/9/18 Today’s DIY and Frugal Friday–Decorate It Yourself for Cheap!  Earlier this week I shared some budget party foods from Aldi.  I know we cannot be the only family trying to stretch our budget or live on one income.  When I was working and we had two steady incomes, I honestly didn’t put much effort in trying to budget or save money.  Then it became a necessity in our lives.  Now, it’s kind of a fun game.  I get excited when I find bargains and deals!  Today, I’m going to share how I decorated my home for Easter by using (mostly) Dollar Store finds.  Disclaimer–I am not affiliated with, sponsored by, or compensated by any of the stores or companies mentioned in this post.

Budget Friendly Easter Decor
You might be surprised on some of the cute holiday finds you can grab at your local dollar and discount stores!  Find out more at Word-of-the-Year Faith Check-In

Added 11/30/17: Read about pantry staples, grocery budgets, and Chicken Fajita Skillet at Fully Stocked Shelves.

Added 9/22/17: I am sharing Four Cheese and Bacon Baked Macaroni and Cheese today for our Frugal Friday recipe.  Now I’m going to make three disclaimers about this recipe.  First, it’s frugal if you stock up on things when they are on sale or if you keep staples like dry pasta and bags of shredded cheese on hand.  This recipe also works well when using up odds and ends of cheeses, as you can easily mix and match the cheeses you use.  I got my 24 ounce bag of macaroni for 88 cents last weekend.  Kraft also was running a special that if you bought 8 qualifying products, you would save $8 at the register.  It was very easy to stock up on the qualifying products for this mac and cheese dish.  I also got the bacon on sale for about $4 per pound.  By the way, when did bacon become so expensive, anyway?  I calculated the cost of this dish per serving based on the 8 entrée-size servings and it came out to $2.02 per serving.  When you take a bite of this decadent main dish, it will be worth every penny!

Budget Friendly Grocery Trip on 8/19/17: I cannot possibly be the only person out there that wants to save money on groceries each week!  The reason I know this must be true is that there are a ton of money saving apps for our mobiles and pins on Pinterest.  Today I have decided to add this Budget Friendly page to my website, so that I can share my tips and insight.  So if you want to try to save a little money, stop by my “budget friendly” page every so often and see what my new tips and tricks might be.  I’m going to start today by sharing my grocery trip from this morning.  My family and I often discuss, a.k.a complain, about not being able to eat healthy on a budget.  Because my family seriously detoured from our healthy eating routine this summer, I was determined we were going to eat healthy this week.  I started by checking the local grocery ads and mailers.  Aldi often has the most budget-friendly healthy choices, and this week was no exception.  They had special buys on fresh salmon and fresh chicken.  So, I planned our week’s meal with those things in mind.  I left the store with a week’s worth of healthy meal options for UNDER $70!  The spurge was the fresh salmon at 11.37 and will feed us for one meal.  Other items in my cart included boneless, skinless chicken thighs for 5.36 and frozen chicken breast tenders, 3 pounds worth for 6.99.  The chicken will feed us for several meals this week and are so versatile!  I also bought cheeses, 2 loaves of bread, milk, fresh broccoli, carrots, onions, spinach, cucumber, strawberries and blueberries.  Snacks will include Greek yogurt that was on special for 59 cents a carton and graham crackers.  I needed some seasonings and condiments and bought a box of instant brown rice.  I did not need to buy breakfast items for the week, so I left the store with a week’s worth of meals planned out for $66.71!  IT CAN BE DONE!  The key to my success this week includes the following:  1) Check the grocery ads and plan around the week’s specials.  2) Plan out the week’s meals ahead of time and don’t forget to take stock of what’s in the pantry, fridge, and freezer already. 3) Know portions and serving sizes ahead of time, so I can plan double uses for meat packages or when leftover will work for lunch or dinner.  4)DON’T be afraid of leftovers or shopping at “discount” stores like Aldi.  This same amount of groceries would have cost me at least twice as much at another local grocery store.  Now, I will admit that I only have a household of 3 to shop for, so my packages will stretch farther than if you have a larger household-you will need to plan accordingly.  Are you ready to take the healthy budget challenge?

From 5 Things I Will Not Apologize For on 8/18/17:  My number 2 on the list is “Living Below My Means.”  This means being frugal.  Sometimes I’m even cheap, but living with frugality is not always synonymous with cheap.  There are times my family spends a little more for a little better quality or a nicer version of something, and we don’t feel guilty about that either.  Being frugal is knowing when and where to save money, when is the right time and place to splurge, and how does a purchase fit into the overall budget.  When I worked on our family’s budget to prepare for leaving my career and cutting a third from our income, I was astonished at how much we spend on food each month.  We were spending more each month on groceries, dining out, and convenience store stops than our mortgage.  Yikes!  When cutting budgets, some things don’t budge (ha ha), like mortgage and car payments.  But one area I knew we were going to need to improve greatly was the food expenses.  One of my first moves, was to do the bulk of our grocery shopping at Aldi.  I also downloaded a ton of coupon and savings apps to my phone.  And, I began stockpiling some budget friendly recipes and ingredients. 

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