Can God Heal My Past? Amazing Grace!

Welcome  There is one thing every living person has in common.  We make mistakes.  Some of our mistakes our small, some impact only ourselves or a few people.  Some of our mistakes can have terrible, lasting effects on many others.  Sometimes our mistakes are quickly forgotten by everyone…but ourselves.

Food For Thought  In my adult life, I have made some mistakes.  Some pretty big ones, actually.  Fortunately, as a believer in Christ, my Savior, I know I have already been forgiven for my mistakes.  A lot of sin in my life is just that…mistakes.  I don’t set out to do wrong.  I wouldn’t harm others, by word or action, intentionally.  But I let the world cloud my view of good judgement.  I let my guard down and the next thing I know, I have messed up…big time!

Sometimes these mistakes haunt us for a long time.  There may be consequences for our actions which effect our lives and those close to us.  Other times there’s a lasting impact on relationships.  I may have lost the respect of some individuals that I had tried so hard to earn.  Some may stop trusting me or expect my mistakes to continue.  Then there’s the personal guilt that never seems to quite go away.  Even when we think we’ve moved on from our past, it lingers just below our conscious thinking.

This happened to me last week.  I woke up feeling pretty good, lots of good things have been happening in my family’s lives, and I thought God had helped me move on, through my prayerful requests.  But as I was making the bed that morning, for no reason I can establish on my own, I had this WHAM of guilt from my past hit me like a ton of bricks.  Before the bed was even finished, I was sobbing.

I dropped to me knees, and cried, “God, this still hurts SO much!  Will I ever get over the events that have happened over the past few years? Are you going to remove this burden from my life or is it always going to haunt me?”  I cried and prayed some more, but eventually I convinced myself to get up off the bedroom floor and get on with my day.  As I went about my household chores, the words from Amazing Grace came to my mind.  I hadn’t heard the song anytime recently, but as the words carried through my thoughts, I felt sure God had placed these lyrics in my head and heart for a reason.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound!  Amen!  Yes, just hearing these words, this song, reminds me of the sweet, infinite grace God extends to me, and all believers.  Second Corinthians 12, verse 9, tells me clearly that His grace is sufficient for me.  This grace frees me from carrying the guilt of my past mistakes because God’s plan has already taken care of them.  I just have to hold tight to this knowledge and belief and I can receive His powerful healing.  I can move on and live my best life…for Him!

Today’s Scripture

Today’s Bible Journaling

I wanted to spend some time in scripture with a focus on grace. In my study, I journaled the following pages.

My journaling pages are always free drawn and hand lettered, unless otherwise stated in the caption.

Bible Journaling 2 Peter 3:18
Bible Journaling 2 Peter 3:18; black ink and colored pencil
Bible Journaling Hebrews 4:16
Bible Journaling Hebrews 4:16; fine point colored pen and colored pencil
Bible Journaling Luke 15
Bible Journaling Luke 15; Amazing Grace sticker with marker and colored pencil
Bible Journaling John 1:14
Bible Journaling John 1:14; dual-tip watercolor markers
Bible Journaling 2 Cor. 12:9
Bible Journaling 2 Corinthians 12:9; dual-tip watercolor markers