I Can Manage in the Light, But then the Darkness Comes

Welcome  As I walk through my day to day life, it’s easy to express faith and encouragement.  I keep myself busy with family and home tasks, Bible study and prayer, hobbies and errands.  Unless something very stressful is occurring, my trust level is doing pretty well.  I’ve come a long way in the past few years dealing with my depression and anxiety and I’m thankful to God for the way He has moved in my life in this way.  But then, the darkness comes.

Food For Thought  Darkness is frequently associated with the scary and unknown.  These feelings are not just reserved for young children facing their bedtime fears and the imagined monsters looming in the dark.  Darkness brings anxiety for many adults, too.  We grown-ups may not be thinking of horrible looking creatures hiding in our closets or under our beds, but we have our own monsters and demons that lurk in the darkness of night.

How many adults do you know who suffer from insomnia?  I had for years, until I quit my teaching job a couple years ago.  We lie awake at night facing the monsters of worry, anxiety, and daunting to-do lists.  We wrestle with the creatures of regret, shame, heartbreak, and paranoia.  Our brains refuse to shut down and rest.  We wonder if there will be enough money to cover the bills.  We wonder if the health prognosis will be terminal.  We wonder if our kids are safe.  We wonder if our home and property are safe.  We worry about relationships that have gone sour.  We worry about the words we said and can’t take back.  We worry if our loved one will make it to see another day.  As we lay there, we worry about all the things we cannot control.  During daylight hours, we are actively working to make our lives go as smooth as possible.  We stay busy to keep our mind distracted from all the things we cannot control.  But then, the darkness comes.

Remember how I said that I used to suffer from insomnia?  Well, that’s because I don’t have this problem anymore.  I have a night LIGHT and His name is Jesus.  It is stated in John 8:12 (ESV), “Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  That is so comforting to me, as a follower of Jesus.  This, along with so many other passages in scripture, remind me that I am not alone in the night and have a “light of life” with me every single night and day, too!.  He is my comfort, my protection, my guiding star, and my shining light!

All of those years I struggled with insomnia?  Well, those were the years I was not close with Jesus.  I claimed the Christian label, but I wasn’t truly following Him. My relationship was timid and weak.  That meant I had a lot to be scared about!  But tonight I will sleep so much better because of Jesus.  And if I start to fall back into my old habits of worrying in the dark, I have so many wonderful words from God in my Bible that promises protection and peace, even through the night.

The next time you find yourself struggling with the darkness, I hope these words bring you light and peace.

Today’s Scripture

Today’s Bible Study  Here are some more verses to bring light into the darkness.

Today’s Bible Journaling  It’s been a bit since we’ve had Bible journaling pages on the blog.  I’ve been doing more recipes and nutrition posts.  I haven’t been doing much Bible journaling in the past month or so.  One reason is the weather has been pretty amazing (finally!), so there is much yard work and maintenance to catch up on from the winter storms.  The second reason is that I have been using the daily devotional book my mom gave me for my birthday back in February as my main focus for my daily quiet times with God.  But I’ve been missing my creative moments in God’s Word, so I’m going to share what I’ve been working on this week.

Bible Journaling John 12:35-36
Bible Journaling John 12:35-36; Black ink, colored pencils, and gelatos
Bible Journaling John 8:12
Bible Journaling John 8:12; Black ink, colored pencils, and gelatos
Bible Journaling; Psalm 27:1
Bible Journaling Psalm 27:1; colored markers and colored pencils

Be sure to come back to the blog tomorrow as we continue “Faith Week.”