Using Creativity to Praise the Creator

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Food For Thought  I love to be creative.  I love making things.  I love painting and drawing and scrapbooking and making arrangements for home décor.  I love taking photographs of nature and, of course, I love creating things in the kitchen.  Now, I’m not necessarily good at all these things, but they bring me peace, calm, and joy.  Who couldn’t use more of that in their life?

To be honest, though, I never really thought of these hobbies and past times as anything more than that…things I could do to pass time that made me smile a little more in my day.  But my thoughts on creativity have been evolving.  One of the reasons for this is my Bible journaling.  I try to do at least a page or two every week, in addition to my regular daily Bible studies.  As I’ve been growing in this process, I began to think about how grateful I am that God blesses us with opportunities to be creative.

This may sound a little bit philosophical, but I think we, as the human race, are meant to be creative.  I believe this because we are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27) and God is the master creator, is He not?  God took nothing and turned it into something glorious and beautiful…everything from the majestic mountain peaks to the deep blue waters of the oceans, from enchanting flora and fauna to the twinkling starlight of night, from sunrise to sunset, in all their glorious colors.  While I don’t feel mankind’s creation can rival that of the Master, I do believe we are compelled to make beautiful things.

Some are able to make beautiful music with voice or instrument.  Some create art with their graceful movements through dance.  Some create and inspire awe with their athletic abilities.  Fine wood craftsmen turn simple blocks of wood into a beautiful piece of furniture.  There are those whose words are a form of creative splendor, penning prose and poetry or engaging works of fiction.  Interior designers, fashion designers, engineers…all creators of beautiful things.  Crafters bring together an assortment of goods and turn them into wonderful handmade items, simply by using their hands and imaginations.  Still others enjoy and participate in the visual arts.  In all of these ways, we are being creative, taking the simple and making it magnificent.

As I was setting personal goals for 2019, one of my goals is to spend a little time every day creating and in these moments of creating I will praise the Master Creator.  I will praise the One who makes all things beautiful, even me, in our unique ways.  I will praise the One who gives the talents and skills to all and thank Him for the blessings of being able to use these abilities.  I will praise the One who lets me see beauty in so many ways in a world that can be so dark and cold.  I will praise the One who created it all, with a plan and a purpose, knowing that I have a place among that creation, no matter how small a role.

Will you join me this year, using your own creativity to praise the Creator?  What are your favorite ways to create?  How can you praise His name through your creative activities?

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Today’s Arts and Crafts Projects

You know we have to do some kind of creative project today, considering our topic, right? Well, Valentine’s Day is coming up and we like to decorate for most any calendar holiday at our house. That means this weekend I pulled out the craft paints and art supplies and made two of the simplest projects for Valentine’s Day. Simple and cute is a good combo, so today I’m sharing what I made and how I did it.

Simple Valentine Door Hanger

Simple Valentine Door Hanger
Simple Valentine Door Hanger-wood heart with paint mason jar and burlap flowers

You Need: 1 heart shaped wood sign, preferably with a hanger already attached, a white paint pen, adhesive flower embellishments in shades of red, pink, cream, or white (I chose burlap flowers), additional flower embellishments, and craft glue (mosaic tile glue is the strongest glue I’ve ever used!)

Premade adhesive burlap flowers and small papercraft flowers
Premade adhesive burlap flowers and small papercraft flowers…on clearance for $1 each!
white paint pen
Draw a simple jar shape with white paint pen, adding reflection marks to indicate glass; script with “Love”
adhesive burlap flower embellishments
The adhesive on the backs of these burlap flowers is pretty strong. I’ve had no issue with them sticking to the wood signs, but you can always add a drop of craft glue if you’re unsure.
flower embellishments
Add larger flowers first to indicate a bouquet in the jar. Fill in with smaller flowers as desired. My smaller paper flowers were not adhesive so I used craft glue to place them. Allow to dry a few hours prior to hanging.

Valentine Photo Display

You Will Need: 1 medium wood sign (square or rectangle), wood craft paints in graduated shades (I used Cranberry, Pink Parfait, Touch O’ Pink, and Wicker White-all different brands), a wide paint brush and a small round paint brush, “love” embellishment (mine is chipboard that I painted), adhesive flower embellishments, twine, miniature red clothespins, pictures of your favorite Valentine cutie

wood sign in Valentine colors
Paint an ombre’ effect with Valentine colors on the wood sign. I started with lightest at top, working down to the darkest color. Allow to dry 24 hours.
paint embellishments
Paint any embellishments and allow to dry 24 hours. I painted this chipboard “love” with the same red paint as my sign.
When pieces are dry, use craft or wood glue to attach embellishments. I used my painted word along with some burlap and paper flowers in corresponding colors.
photo embellishments
Insert twine through the slats of the sign. I was able to tie mine to the support wood on the back of the sign, being sure to knot well. Add mini clothespins and photos.

Valentine Decorating

All this Valentine crafting has me in the mood to put out our Valentine decorations. My daughter, even though she turns 12 in the next couple weeks, loves that I put out holiday and seasonal decorations in our home. She and I both enjoy it, and that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it? So here are a few pictures from our decorating (and cleaning) spree this weekend.

Valentine Mantle
Valentine Mantle, featuring special photos, candles, sign, teddy bear, wood block hearts, filled vase, and tin “LOVE” banner.
Filled Valentine Vase
Close-up on Valentine mantle; glass vase filled with glass hearts, red, white and neutral spheres, and red heart picks.
Valentine hearth
A wood crate become a seasonal home for some of our favorite Valentine stuffies, along with a Valentine throw and sign.

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  1. Oh my, I had clicked through on Twitter where Michelle over at blessings by me had posted your post and thought this was her site (with a total redesign..) and then I looked at the URL right after I hit “submit” on my previous comment and realized I was on your site and not hers. I am so sorry 🙂 I like your Valentines day décor idea, Robin (nice to meet you btw) We have been moving around a ton with the military and my home décor is severely lacking. I really like seeing what everyone puts together to get ideas of what I could do now that we will probably be here in our house for a long time.

    1. 🙂 He Hee! No worries Sarah! I’m glad you enjoyed the décor. I know Michelle has great things, too! I think the best part of the two crafts I shared is how simple they come together and they don’t take up a ton of space. Good luck getting settled into your new place. It always feels good to start putting your home together. And thanks for the visit.

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