Water…the Best Refreshment

Welcome  If you read my posts frequently, you read last week that I’m considered a “water baby.” That’s what my family has called me since I was just big enough to walk. I’ve always been drawn to water. You hear a lot about the adventures my husband and I take to “chase waterfalls.” In the summer, I try to seek as much time as I can near pools or lakes, but it’s still not as much as I’d like. Well, today, I’m not talking about that type of hydration therapy, but the kind you ingest.  And stick around for today’s two-for-Tuesday DIY with two different ways to use watering cans in your spring decor.  Thanks for joining me today.

Food For Thought  When I was following my gratitude challenge back in December, I was asked on day 10 for what flavor I was most grateful.  Now I bet some of you are wondering what on earth this has to do with water, as it is pretty much flavorless, at least the best and cleanest water is flavorless.  I’ve tasted some different city waters that I wish had been flavorless!  So, anyway, back to the challenge.  Being someone who really likes to eat and has sampled a wide variety of flavors in my lifetime, this process took some thought.  My gut response was to be thankful for sweets or the flavor of chocolate.  I do love my sweets!  But then I thought a little longer and dug a little deeper.

I started thinking about the flavor I crave, the taste I most desire, a taste that truly satisfies when I need it to most.  As strange as it may seem, that flavor is the taste of ice cold water.  After a long run, strenuous hike, tough workout, or even a day of cleaning house, I want nothing more than a big glass of ice water.  When I say crave, I mean I daydream about it in those moments I just mentioned.  I need it.  I can’t wait to have it.  And nothing else will satisfy that craving!  You cannot substitute for it with juice, soda, or coffee.  I don’t even want Gatorade or Propel.  Nothing can take the place of that crisp, clean taste of cold, refreshing water.

It can be extremely satisfying to push our bodies physically, but nothing is quite as rewarding as that refreshing finish at the end.  There is no other taste or flavor that can take the place of that water.  And since I don’t really value or appreciate, or even crave, any other flavor in this way, I decided that I am most grateful for the taste of some clean, refreshing water.  And even better?  It’s actually good for me!  How many other flavors can answer that call when we crave them?

Now, having said all that, I just want to give a reminder about gratitude for the small things in life, that really are not so small.  Many places in the world do not have fresh, clean drinking water, or at the very least it’s very hard to access.  As hard as it is to believe, there are even people in our own country that do not have plenty of water for drinking, cooking, bathing, or laundry.  It’s very easy to take for granted my daily blessing of clean water when I simply have to go to the sink and turn it on.  That water arrives at my house with no effort on my part, as long as I keep the water bill paid.  So I want to take this time to say a prayer of gratitude.

Today’s Prayer  My Dear Heavenly Father, I am blessed with so much.  We are blessed with so much, simply by living in this country, a developed nation with technology and agriculture and the opportunity for plenty.  I thank You, powerful God, for my daily provision.  I thank you for this clean and refreshing water that I can drink and use in my home.  I thank you for our food, clothing, shelter, and our abundance that meet each and every one of my family’s needs.  You are an awesome God and a generous provider.  Forgive me when I take for granted these many blessings I have, while others are in need.  I pray through Christ’s Name, Amen.

Today’s Scripture  As Jesus states in John 4:13-14, “Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again.  The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”  Now it doesn’t get any more REFRESHING than that, now does it?  I am blessed to have been refreshed by the living water of Jesus Christ when I came to be baptized thirty years ago.  That has kept my soul cleansed and my spirit hydrated to take on this crazy life in an unstable world, better than any other water or food or substance ever could.  Can I get an Amen!

Today’s DIY  April showers bring May flowers.  I love the spring time, and although we’ve had a significant delay in spring-like weather here in the middle of the country, I love to decorate with spring icons.  Think lots of flowers, greenery, and watering cans.  Super cute!  So, for today’s DIY, I have two different ideas for incorporating watering cans in your spring decor.  I’d love to hear about your favorite spring decor ideas, too!

First, I have a new door hanger for our front door.  At my favorite local craft store, I found a wood heart for only $7.  I found a burlap bow in the gift wrapping department, and a stencil for the word “welcome” that was the perfect size for my sign.  I already had tons of acrylic craft paints and brushes.  I did not use any stencils or patterns for my flowers or watering can.


Our second project today uses watering cans for flower arrangements.  The only limit to this project is your imagination!  There seems to be an infinite selection of watering cans in different styles, sizes, and colors.  Equally, the variety of flowers and greenery you can use is almost limitless.  I’m going to show a variety from my collection, just to get you started.  Oh, and these are perfect for people like me who lack the “green thumb” needed for beautiful live plants.

If I were doing a country rustic wedding these days, I think these little galvanized watering cans with a few spring blooms or summer wildflowers would be absolutely adorable!  They also make great centerpieces for outdoor dinner parties.  And they’re just fun!  Happy Spring!