Privacy Policy  As owner and creator of, I have no intention of stealing, selling, or maliciously using your personal information.

Last updated on May 14, 2018

This website will use personal information in the following manner:  In order to leave comments on the blog, you must include your name and email.  You may subscribe to my email list via the contact page, which requires name and email.  Email correspondence includes an opt-out feature.  Name and email addresses are required to protect this website and your reading experience from spam and non-human communications.  Your data may become available to my third-party service providers, specifically my email providers, site host, and data analytics service.  Cookies and web beacons may be used in order to track website usage and make improvements to the site as necessary.  Your IP (internet protocol) address, web browser, and referring site may be tracked and stored in order to track website usage and analyze traffic data. This allows me to monitor how and where traffic is generated for this website, which can affect the quality and services found on this website.  This website may contain affiliate links, sponsors, and advertising partners.  By clicking on a link or advertisement, your information then is subject to that website or business’s privacy policy, including social media platforms, and is not responsible for any further use of your personal information. will not use third party links or ads that are not trusted for these purposes.  Information will be provided when required to be turned in for legal purposes and a statement of such activity will be made to the visitors of   This privacy policy is subject to updates, as required by law.