A Summer S’More’s Spectacular!

Welcome   There aren’t too many treats that scream “summer” more than a s’more straight from the campfire.  S’mores are memorable, too.  Do you remember the first time you made a s’more? Where you were, the event attended, the people you were with?  I’m going to share a summer s’more memory today and FIVE variations for your next summer s’mores adventure. Thanks for joining me today.

Summer S'more Spectacular
It’s tough to improve on the memory-worthy flavor of a classic s’more, but let’s shake it up with five variations on this summer snack staple!  For a s’mores party, just set out a variety of chocolates, graham crackers, cookies, marshmallows, and fun add-ins, like banana slices or bacon!


Food For Thought  I think I remember when I made my first s’more.  I remember when my daughter had her first s’more even more clear, and what a great memory for my husband and me.  We took our daughter on her first camping trip when she was about five years old.  We tried to prep her for what the camping experience would be like.  It’s sleeping on the ground, outside, at night.  Don’t worry, we have sleeping bags and tents.  No, there probably won’t be a bear.  There’s no television or air conditioning, BUT there’s a lake to swim in and there will be s’mores!  “What’s a s’more?” she asked.  Her dad and I talked ’em up big, without giving away too many details.

The first night was just some grilled hot dogs and chips and packaged cookies.  No s’mores yet.  We could see on her face that the anticipation was building.  The next day was full of fun, swimming and exploring around the lake, hanging out with family and friends.  That evening, after dinner was finished, we started talking about dessert.  Cake and cookies, right?  “I guess,” she said, looking a little disappointed.  “Well, then, what are we going to do with all of these Hershey bars and marshmallows?”  We scrounged around the campground area, looking for the perfect twigs for toasting marshmallows.  Then her daddy taught her the fine art of the perfect toasted marshmallow.

No one likes to get their marshmallow lessons from me, because I like burnt marshmallows.  But that’s okay.  I have a precious memory fixed in my brain of watching my husband show our young daughter how to hold the stick so the marshmallow would get to a melted ooey-gooey state, without the marshmallow falling into the fire or bursting into flame.  There is nothing like the experience of toasting your own marshmallows over a campfire in the most perfect outdoor setting.  Our daughter still holds on to that memory, as well.

As much fun as it was to watch her toasting her first marshmallow, it was even more exciting to watch her bite into that sticky chocolate goodness that is a s’more!  That face!  Melted chocolate and marshmallow from ear to ear and half-way up her little arms, with bits of graham cracker crumb stuck here and there.  What a mess!  And I wouldn’t trade that moment for anything in the world.  There have been more s’mores in the past six years, but no moment rivals that first experience.  But it doesn’t hurt to recreate the flavors whenever we can!

Today’s Scripture

psalm 74_17
All these precious memories and gifts of summer are blessings from our Heavenly Father and Creator.


Today’s Recipes  Okay, we all know the classic s’more recipe…graham crackers, marshmallows, and a Hershey chocolate bar.  And I’d be willing to argue that you can’t really improve on a classic.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?  Or, maybe we aren’t trying to improve this summer classic, but just offer something different.  In fact, I’ve seen s’more parties trending, everywhere from birthday parties to wedding receptions.  So why not offer some variety and put out a spread of “s’more options.”  Try different flavors of chocolate bars and graham crackers, plus creative add-ins, like banana or bacon!  Check out these five variations of our favorite summer treat!

The Elvis S’more

The Elvis Smore Variation
“The Elvis” Smore variation with a chocolate peanut butter cup and banana slices to accompany the toasted marshmallow and classic graham crackers.


The Up All Night S’more

The Up All Night S'more
The Up All Night S’more is a sugar rush for sure! Place your toasted marshmallow between chocolate chip cookies and add some chocolate-hazelnut spread. Sweet!


The Sugar Pig S’more

The Sugar Pig Smore
Sweet and salty collide with the Sugar Pig S’more. Top a classic graham cracker with crispy bacon and a caramel-filled chocolate before adding a melty marshmallow.


The Grasshopper S’more

The Grasshopper Smore
Swap out the regular chocolate bar for a mint-filled chocolate square, add a melty marshmallow, and sandwich between chocolate graham crackers.


The Cookies and Cream S’more

Cookies and Cream Smore
Trade the plain chocolate for a piece of Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar, add a melty marshmallow, and sandwich between chocolate graham crackers.


S’more Tips

Always supervise children when toasting marshmallows over any open fire.  And use caution with marshmallows.  The sweet and melty filling is also like hot sugar-lava and will burn if dripped on skin.  I know this from personal experience!

Regular size marshmallows are best.  We tried the giant marshmallows and they were really too big for our graham crackers and don’t get as melty all the way through.

Use whatever brand of chocolate you like, but Ghiradelli squares fit the size of graham cracker perfectly.

No campfire, no problem!  If you have a charcoal grill, you can toast marshmallows over a fire.  We do this right on our deck, like we would grill anything else, because who wants to wait for a camping trip to make s’mores!

We’ve used everything for our marshmallow sticks, from scrap twigs around the campsite to kabob skewers to store-bought s’more sticks.  When using twigs, the greener the better, so they don’t burn up in your fire.  If using skewers or other type of bamboo sticks, soak in water for a couple hours to prevent burning in the fire.

Feel free to mix and match your ingredients.  You may come up with your own new favorite flavor of s’more!

Disclaimer:  It has been stated in various health circles that eating charred food may allow carcinogens to enter the body as potential cancer influencers.  If partaking in toasted marshmallows, you may want to remove the outer char before consuming.  Consume toasted or charred food at your own risk.