Word-Of-The-Year Check-Up

Welcome  In January, I shared that my 2019 Word-of-the-Year would be TRUST. My verse of the year would be Proverbs 3:5 and I was going to put my trust in the Lord and not lean on my own understanding. Well, at the very least, MORE trust and LESS of my own understanding. So how have I been doing?

Food For Thought

Last week, in our Bible study group, one of the ladies made the following comment: “Be careful what you ask the Lord to help you with, because He will most likely give you lots of circumstances and opportunities to put this growth into practice.”

As soon as she said this, I could immediately identify with her words. This year, I chose the word “trust” as my focus word. I have spent much of my personal Bible study time reading scripture focused on stories and verses that have “trust” as the main theme. I’ve enjoyed the encouragement and messages I have received from these passages. I have found comfort and strength in these words.

I will tell you, though, in these first few months of 2019, I have been given ample opportunity to build my TRUST IN THE LORD! We’ve dealt with one winter storm after another, parents fighting illnesses, car repairs, budget strain, a couple issues at the middle school, and a flair up in my depression and anxiety. I’ve had moments when I’ve questioned my purpose, argued with God about His direction for me and my family, and cried because I was torn between guilt of what I want and what I believe the Lord wants for me. And in every single one of these situations it has come down to this: Do I trust the Lord to take care of me and get me through to the other side?

It’s hard to trust and have faith sometimes, because what God may be telling us, or the path we may be walking, seems completely illogical. Or, I may simply be impatient and want to take matters into my own hands. If my hands are in the mix, at least I know there’s action taking place. But what if God is telling me to wait? Do I trust Him enough to “be still”?

It feels like it would be easier, a lot of days, to move forth on my own accord or to fall apart from anxiety and worry that things will not be taken care of, but would it really? I am very limited in my abilities and knowledge, while God is all-knowing and all-capable. So why not just relax, and trust in Him?

Well, thanks to my word-of-the-year and my on-going studies, I have found it easier to do just that…trust in Him. The promises of the scripture are at the forefront of my mind and committed in my heart. This does make it possible, when everything I know on my own seems impossible, to trust in Him and lean not on my own understanding. I’m always a work in progress, but it sure does feel good to have a constant source of trust and strength!

Today’s Bible Journaling

Some days, during my Bible study time, I also complete a Bible journaling page as a visual reminder for my trust and faith. Other days, I may simply pray or meditate over the scripture. When working in my journaling Bible, I use a yellow highlighter for any passage I feel speaks directly to my trust and faith. I want to be able to quickly reach these passages when I, or someone I know, is in need of encouragement. And, if you haven’t noticed previously, my favorite things to draw in my journal are flowers. I consider flowers, themselves, a sign of hope and faith.

Here are five pages I have worked on during my Trust Study.

Bible Journaling Psalm 71:5
Bible Journaling Psalm 71:5; gel pen and colored pencil
Bible Journaling Mark 5:36
Bible Journaling Mark 5:36; gel pen and colored pencil
Psalm 31:14 Bible Journaling
Psalm 31:14 Bible Journaling using black ink and colored pencils
Bible Journaling Psalm 9:10
Bible Journaling Psalm 9:10; colored marker & colored pencil
Bible Journaling for Proverbs 3:5
Bible Journaling for Proverbs 3:5 using black pen and colored pencils

Today’s Scriptures

Every time the Bible says “Have faith,” it’s telling me to trust God. Every passage that says, “Do not fear,” wants me to trust Him. Every verse that says, “Do not be anxious,” is a reminder that trusting God is a relief for all my anxieties. To “only believe” (Mark 5:36), simply means “to trust.”

Over and over again, God’s words are telling us to trust Him, He will care for us. So many beautiful passages I could share, but in addition to the previous five verses from Bible journaling, I recommend reading these scriptures today.