In-Grown Eyeballs


I recently came across the humorous, yet useful phrase, “in-grown eyeballs.”  It’s another way to describe how we go through life, becoming so focused on ourselves, our problems, our wants and needs, that we expect the rest of the world, or at the very least our friends, family, and coworkers, to stop everything in their own lives to focus on our situation.  I’m sure you know the type…always the victim.  Everything happens to them.  Their life is in constant drama, and even if it’s not, something simple becomes a drama.  Maybe I’m just a little bit guilty of these behaviors myself, too.

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Food For Thought

I love this phrase, “in-grown eyeballs.”  It really helps illustrate the point.  Have you ever had an ingrown toenail?  Oh, my goodness!  I get them frequently, and let me just say they HURT. 

The toenail starts with just a little discomfort when the shoe rubs a certain way.  Then it becomes an almost nonstop dull throbbing.  Then it becomes painful just to have the blanket lay across the foot at night.  Finally, if the problem hasn’t been addressed, it can become an excruciating stabbing in the side of the toe.  Before long, the pain in the toe is just about all you can focus on.  And it’s all because that nail just kept growing, unchecked, up under the skin.

Our in-grown eyeballs can get out of hand like that, too.  If we spend all our time focused on ourselves, this looking inward is going to keep growing until it becomes just as painful.  We won’t be able to see all the blessings because we’re too focused on what’s wrong.  We won’t be able to see the needs of others because we will be too focused on our own needs.  We won’t be able to see our calling from God because we will be too focused on what we want instead.  

Just like that toenail needs to be taken care of before it gets out of hand, our in-grown eyeballs need to be checked regularly.  Is my situation really as bad as I am imagining?  Is there a way to solve this problem and move on?  Is there someone who needs my attention more right now?  Have I expressed my gratitude recently?  Does God want me to spend all my time and energy on this or something more constructive?

Don’t suffer from the needless pain of those in-grown eyeballs.  Let’s look outside ourselves and find ways to be grateful and serve others every single day.

Today’s Scripture

I like to look at chapter two in the book of Philippians when I’m needing to heal my “in-grown” eyeballs.  Christ has set us an example of humility and we are given this model in verses 1-11.  We are given these directives:

  • Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit.
  • Be humble.
  • Value others above yourselves.
  • Look to the interests (and needs) of others.
  • Be a servant.
  • Give all glory to God, the Father.

These verses certainly help us take the focus of ourselves, but it goes on with even more direction in verses 12-18.

  • Do your works without grumbling or disputing.
  • Shine as lights to the world.
  • Rejoice and be glad.

These are all very good ways to alleviate the discomforts of having “in-grown” eyeballs.

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