Life’s Mulligan

Welcome  In golf, a mulligan is a free shot given during informal play following a poor shot.  This mulligan does not count against you on your score card.  Personally, I’m not a golfer, but I sure can benefit from some “do-over’s” in my life from time to time.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all given a mulligan in life?


Food For Thought  About a year ago, right after quitting my teaching job, I saw a church marquis in our town that said, “Make the most of second chances.”  It was ironic to walk or drive by this sign almost every day while facing the biggest mulligan of my life.  I was optimistic and kept saying, “Yes, God, I want to make the most of this second chance I’ve been given.”  I meant I wanted a shot at being happy with my life’s work again.  I had once been quite happy with teaching, but in the face of personal crisis, I needed a fresh start, a do-over in my career.  I wanted to do something completely different, without being penalized, like the mulligan in golf.

That’s hard to do, since all I have ever been educated and trained for was teaching and caring for young children.  I didn’t want to go back to school.  I had traveled that long hard road.  Now was not the time, not when we need to be saving for our own daughter’s education.  With a lot of prayer and family support, my second chance career has taken the form of writing and blogging.  I’m not sure if I can say it’s without penalty, though.  We obviously lost my teaching salary and I don’t have anything funneling into my retirement account at the current time.  But I still like to believe I’m making the most of my second chance.

I wanted to stay home with my daughter when she was little, but it wasn’t considered a possibility at the time.  With this second chance, I made the most of it this past school year.  I went on field trips, attended school parties, ate lunch with her as much as possible, volunteered, and more.  We also walked to and from school together most days.  I’m trying to make the most of her extra-curricular activities, as well, being involved as much as possible.  I choose not to look at her busy schedule as a chore, but as a great privilege and blessing that I can be so much more involved with her interests.  More time with my daughter isn’t the only way I’m making the most of second chances.

Now that I’m home, I’m able to do more things to help my husband.  I can also give him more of my attention, since I’m not putting job, child, and home ahead of him.  Not that I should have been doing that before!  Hobbies that I had neglected for 18 years are now part of my weekly routine.  I am intentionally spending more time in Bible study and devotional.  I’ve been given a second chance at the second half of my life and I don’t want to waste it!

Today’s Scripture  Teachers and employers do not often give second chances.  Spouses sometimes don’t give second chances.  Even friends and family are not always willing to offer a second chance after some of life’s biggest mistakes.  But guess who is GREAT at giving second chances?  God is the granter of the ultimate do-over!  I have pulled together a list of twelve passages about second chances from scripture today.  Some verses share stories of people from the Bible who were given second chances.  Some verses describe the most beautiful way God is giving us a second chance, following our ugliest screw-ups and failures.  Other verses remind us to grant others a second chance, along with our forgiveness.


Today’s Food Craft  I cannot believe it, but we are only two weeks away from Father’s Day, already!  Maybe you have a golfing dad in your life.  Neither my dad, nor my husband enjoy golf, but I know there’s a lot of dads out there who love their time on the course.  If you know a dad that fits that description, this may be the perfect treat to make your golf-loving-guy this Father’s Day.  They would also do nicely for any golf enthusiast’s birthday, graduation, or retirement.  Maybe even a Donuts With Dad preschool function!  They are super cute and, even better, super easy!  This would be a great way to let the kids help get dad’s special treats ready.

I first saw this idea on Frugal Coupon Living website, so it’s not my original idea, but my version is slightly different than the one I first saw.  I have recently seen variations of the golf donuts/cupcakes/cakes on multiple sources.  I’m usually the type of person that sees a picture, gets an idea in my head how I want to make it and roll on from there. In this case, I went the easy route by doing less “homemade.”  As you may know by now, Hobby Lobby is my BFF, and I found most of the products I needed there.

Golf Donuts
Great for celebrating with any golf fanatic…father’s day, birthdays, graduations, or retirement!


To make these cute donuts, I used my Wilton cake donut pan (yields six), a box of Devil’s Food cake mix, plus the ingredients listed on the mix, a can of ready-to-spread vanilla frosting, Betty Crocker green gel food coloring, Chocomaker green candy shred, Celebration by Frey white candy pearls, and Bright Ideas cupcake topper flags in yellow.  With the exception of the cake mix ingredients, frosting, and food coloring, all of the products can be found in the food craft and party supply departments of your favorite craft and hobby store.

Set oven to 350 degrees.  Prepare cake mix according to package directions.  Spray donut pan with nonstick cooking spray.  Add batter to pan.  For my specific pan, it is just under a quarter cup of batter per donut opening.  Yours may be slightly different.  Bake at 350 for 12 minutes.  Remove pan to wire rack to cool, about 5 minutes.  Run a blunt knife or spatula around the edges of each donut opening and flip over onto wire rack.  The donuts should pop right out.  Allow to finish cooling before frosting.  Continue this procedure until all cake batter has been used.  Depending on the size of your donut pan, you may get between 18 and 24 donuts.

Once all donuts are baked and cooled, mix your green frosting.  Pour an entire container of white frosting into a bowl and give several squirts of green food coloring.  Mix until thoroughly combined.  Place candy shred on a shallow plate for dipping.  Take one donut, spread green frosting on the top of the donut and then flip over into green candy shred.  Flip back over and place on tray.  Stick one flag into donut and place one candy pearl as the golf ball near the hole of the donut.  Repeat this procedure for all donuts.