The Best Things About My SAHM Life!

Welcome  Many of you will know what I’m talking about when I say “SAHM life.”  That would be the “Stay at Home Mom” life.  By the way, I always pronounce it “Sam” when I’m using the term aloud, but who knows if I’m right or not!

I’m doing my SAHM life a little backwards from most people.  Most stay-at-home moms leave work to raise their children in their younger years, then return to their careers when their children are older or start school.  Some women choose to work throughout the years of raising children, either for financial or personal fulfillment reasons.  No matter how we ladies say that it doesn’t matter and it’s not a competition, there’s always a vibe around this debate of modern times…to work or stay home.

Food For Thought  Sometimes this feels like a no-win situation.  When I was working full-time, it was hard to fully participate in school activities for my daughter.  I wanted to help, but would have time constraints because of my job, which led to looks from the “super” PTA moms.  You know the looks, like, “Poor thing, I’m so sorry you have to work and miss out on your child’s life.”  No one actually said these things but it was implied with the stinky jobs I was left with, like buying napkins to send in with my child.  But whatever, I was participating in as many ways as I could.

Then, when you decide to do the stay-at-home mom thing, for whatever reason, your former working mom friends give you the “must be nice” and “you have no idea what it’s like.”  Uh…yeah, I do know what it’s like.  That’s why I don’t do that anymore.  But I think this has hit me harder because of my unconventional and unplanned timing for staying at home.  When I started staying at home to write and blog, my daughter was in her last year of elementary school.  Now that she’s in middle school, many would say she doesn’t need me as much.  But I couldn’t disagree more.  Middle school has a variety of issues to navigate…academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.  And I’m here to help her with all of them.  I’m not “too busy” or simply not present because of work conflict.  Being there for my daughter, whether it be to help with homework, drive her to and from school each day (we are avoiding the bus at all costs!), or to chaperone a field trip, has been one of the best things about making the switch to stay at home.  And she feels the same way.  She likes having me involved in her life and it’s the best way I can keep in the loop if anything is bothering her or if a problem situation has come up.

I haven’t just made my daughter a bigger priority with my switch to SAHM, either.  I am free to give more attention to my husband as well.  I greet him almost every day at the door as he comes home from work, asking him about his day, reading his body language to know if he’s hurting, physically or emotionally, and connecting in a way that wasn’t happening during my work away days.  I have embraced most all of the tasks of being a homemaker, keeping the house clean and decorated, or at least tidy.  I help out with errands and yard work as much as possible.  I’m here when a repairman needs to come over or if I get a call or message from school.  I cook and bake and shop and organize.

As much as I love that my family is now top priority in my day to day life, this isn’t even the best part of my SAHM life, if you can believe it!  Having time to go for walks and read and paint?  These aren’t the best parts either.  I sure liked not having to get out this winter in all the snow and ice we had, either, but that’s still not the BEST part.  Do you want to know the best part of my SAHM life now?  My daily time with God.  I spend every day in scripture and prayer.  Some days I do a long, in-depth Bible study and other days it’s a shorter devotional time.  I listen to a lot of praise music during the day.  If something comes up, personally, or if a friend contacts me with a prayer request, I stop what I’m doing and go to my “prayer room.”  It’s making a difference in my faith and spiritual life, but even more importantly, I see that it is having a positive effect on my husband and daughter.  If that’s the outcome for this whole journey, helping my two most important people grow spiritually, then it’s all been worth it!

Some days I get bogged down with the fact that we have less income or that I haven’t seen as much growth or success in my writing endeavors.  But then it hits me: I am extremely blessed.  God has allowed me to experience both sides of motherhood…working mom with a career and plenty to keep me busy and juggling AND a stay-at-home mom opportunity where my focus is on my faith and family without the distraction of going to work.  I understand the perspective from both sides of this great mom debate.  In this place, in this season, right now, I have everything I prayed for, so why do I fight it.  I want to embrace it!

Today’s Scripture  I now consider myself an “older woman.”  I don’t exactly fit in, age-wise, with the other stay-at-home moms.  But I’m working on embracing it because I have learned that, by reading in the book of Titus, I have a very important role now.  God can and will use me in any and all seasons of my life, if I allow him to work through me.  This is part of my prayer time most every day, “Dear God, please use my words and actions to encourage and inspire others.”

Today’s Home Decor  I love decorating for the different holidays and seasons in our home.  I know this isn’t everyone’s idea of a beautiful home, and that’s okay, but my family and I enjoy changing out different decorations.  Plus, this motivates me to clean house!  I just can’t put out new decorations on a dusty mantle or side table.  Then, I can’t have all the cute new décor out with grungy floors.  So, changing out seasonal décor usually results in a couple days of cleaning and organizing.  This happened last week as I put away our few St. Patrick’s Day items and got out our Easter decorations.  I’m going to share some of them here.

I have a hard time parting with the Easter stuffies and baskets my daughter received as gifts in her younger years.  So we let them come out for the Easter holiday and even at 12, she can’t resist cuddling with some of her little bunnies that bring back such good memories for us all.  We have accumulated quite a lot of little treasures and trinkets over the years but I’m still a sucker for some cute holiday decorations.  This year, I found the cute tin chick and bunny seen in the picture above.  I bought both for only seven dollars at Dollar General!  The only other décor items I bought this year were the jelly beans to fill the clear vase and a few more bright colored flowers to make that jelly bean jar flower arrangement.

All of the flower arrangements seen in the pictures I have put together myself.  I’m also really into burlap, wood and tin right now, so a lot of my decorations fit in that design scheme.  I’ve also made some of the burlap decorations seen in the pictures.  The large egg box on the hearth was actually my daughter’s Easter “basket” a few years ago.  We store some of the Easter decorations inside it during the off-season.

And I’ll go ahead and address the elephant, or bunny, in the room…I KNOW that Easter is not about bunnies and eggs and candy.  Just like I KNOW Christmas is not about stockings, trees, and lights.  My family knows this as well.  These are decorations for fun and entertainment.  I try very hard to make sure my daughter understands a clear difference between the worldly celebration and our spiritual celebration for the Easter holiday.

And I’m not ashamed to tell you, “Happy Easter!”