Spring Break Bragging Rights

Welcome  Last week, my daughter was on spring break.  I have to admit, as we approached her week-long break, I was feeling a little grumpy.  I wanted my favorite spring break getaway and I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

Food For Thought  When I was growing up, nobody, or very few, took big spring break trips.  That may be because where I grew up, we didn’t get much spring break time, certainly never a full week.  Some years, our entire spring break consisted of Good Friday.  Fathers were working, saving up their vacation time for the summer, and you might do some local outings, but it wasn’t anything big or brag-worthy.

Even when I went to college, the birthplace of spring break, very few kids went on trips.  We were all too broke, right?  Most of us worked or took the opportunity to go visit family.  Having attended a Christian college, some kids went on spring break mission trips.  Where I was, though, there were no tales of the Florida beaches or Mexico resorts.

Boy, have times changed!  Now, kids at school, of all ages, are asked, “Where are you going for spring break?”  Parents are asked, “What are your plans for the week?”  It seems that if you have school-aged kids, you are expected to travel during that week.  Starting in mid-March our social media begins to flood with pictures and stories of everyone’s spring adventures.  A sort-of spring break bragging rights is at stake here.  The families that don’t have dozens of Facebook and Instagram photos to show off, “Hey, we went HERE!” are given looks of pity and, “Oh, I’m sorry.”

Since I was a teacher, I was able to fully partake of spring break vacations.  My daughter and I didn’t always have coinciding breaks, so some years I had a quiet week at home while she was at school.  But a lot of my spring breaks have involved hiking adventures with my husband.  We would take my daughter to my parents, where they could bond for the week, since they don’t live close.  Then my husband and I would head to Arkansas, Tennessee, or North Carolina and “get our nature on.”  This was good for everyone.  My husband and I could have some time alone together, doing things we love.  My parents and daughter got in some extended quality time.  And I had those great social media pictures to share.  You know the ones…”Bet you wish you were here!”

Of course, my idea of a perfect spring break is not everyone’s favorite activity.  While those who spend thousands of dollars to stand in line and say they saw “the mouse” can keep their adventure, as that’s not my cup of tea.  Whatever the trip, though, we want those bragging rights.  The statement of “Look what my family gets to experience.”  The spring break trip falls into other status symbols like the kind of car you drive and the neighborhood you live in.

Of all the things I’ve had to give up by losing my full-time income, travel has hit me the hardest.  I don’t mind living in an older house, as we are quite comfortable.  I don’t mind driving a 13-year-old vehicle, as long as it runs safely.  I don’t mind wearing clothes and shoes from two or three seasons ago, as long as they still fit.  I don’t really even mind giving up my massages and manicures.  But not being able to “afford” week-long vacations…well, that one stings.

But I learned something last week.  We can experience renewal and relaxation in many places, even in the ordinary.  It was a decent spring break, even without the big travel plans.  I was able to visit my parents and brother for an extended weekend.  I slept in every single morning of the week!  My husband and I took my daughter to a Christian concert that had a big impact on her.  I got four new tires and an alignment on my car, which was LONG overdue.  We went out to dinner a few times.  I spent some time watching television with my husband, which I think may be his true love language!  It was nice to have a week off from extracurricular activities and busy schedules.  We were refreshed from our simple week.

Do I get bragging rights for best spring break adventure?  Nah, but should I want to brag and boast anyway?  Focusing on my faith and family should always be more important than having the right photos and stories to share on social media!  That will be good enough for me!  And if you had a great spring break adventure, I’m happy for you, really!  I’d love to hear your story.

Today’s Scripture

Today’s Suggested Scripture Reading  I often have to confess my sins of envy and jealousy to God, asking for forgiveness.  But I recently became aware that sometimes I am guilty of bragging and boasting, as well, which are also sinful acts.  The Bible discourages us from bragging and boasting.  It is something that many, including myself, need to work on, so it is good to have scripture guide us on our path to do better.  Here are 14 verses that address our topic of bragging and boasting today.


Today’s Bible Journaling

Spring is in the air so I am doodling flowers everywhere. I’m also continuing to practice my hand lettering. I journaled a couple of pages from today’s scripture readings.

If we are going to boast, let it be in the Lord’s steadfast love and faithfulness, as addressed in Jeremiah 9:24.

Bible Journaling Jeremiah 9:24
Bible Journaling Jeremiah 9:24; dual-tip watercolor markers

The world is full of braggers and boasters. Let’s not conform to the world’s expectation of showing off what we have and what we do. Let’s follow the example set for us in Romans 12:2.

Bible Journaling Romans 12:2
Bible Journaling Romans 12:2; black ink and colored pencils