Grateful for Gratitude

Welcome and Happy Thanksgiving  As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday this week, it is a time we can reflect on the many blessings we have for which to be grateful.  There is no doubt I have so many things, and more importantly, people, to be thankful for this holiday season.  But have you ever thought about being grateful for…gratitude?

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Food For Thought  I chose “faith” to be my word of the year for 2018, so I really have been trying to work on growing my faith and improving my faith walk.  But as I reflect back over the last eleven or so months, I realize that the area I have probably grown the most is my gratitude.

I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal for about three years now, but it wasn’t until these past few months that I felt I had a truly grateful heart.  It’s a good feeling.  As I was writing in my gratitude journal this month, I had an entry where I literally wrote, “I am grateful for gratitude.”

It’s true.  Since I’ve started focusing more on what I have to be thankful for, and not just during this month of Thanksgiving, I am truly a happier person.  When I was going through my therapy for depression, one of the things I was told several times was to keep a gratitude journal.  Well, when you are in a state of severe depression, it can be a bit much to come up with something to be thankful for in each day when it feels like everything in the world is falling apart.  But I started the journal anyway.  And I didn’t write in it every day.  Some days it was just too hard.

But then I started noticing something.  That popular saying, “There’s always something to be grateful for,” well, it’s true.  Some days it’s big stuff…an answered prayer, good test results, unexpected financial provision, a fun and exciting event with the family.  Other days, gratitude shows up in the form of fresh, clean water, a mess of toys in the living room that means there are children present, or air conditioning on a hot summer day.  And, God didn’t forget about me today.  I woke up, ready to live and breathe and be with the ones I love.  So, yes, there’s plenty to be grateful for.  And the more I wrote each day about my many blessings, the easier it became.  Now, after a few years, gratitude has become like second nature, and that’s a good feeling.

I wish I could say I never have days where I complain, but that’s just not true.  Neither would a statement of “there’s nothing I want,” but I DO have everything I NEED.  Let me tell you something, it feels a lot better to focus on all the good things going on in my life than what I feel is missing.  And I might not know this as fact, if it hadn’t been for starting, and persevering, with that first gratitude journal three years ago.  The positive focus makes a difference in my life every day, so I can truly say this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for gratitude.

Today’s Scriptures  Here are a dozen Bible verses for gratitude and thanksgiving.  It is far from a comprehensive list, but a good place to start.  Psalms always offers many passages about thanksgiving through its songs of praise.  What are some of your favorite gratitude verses?


Today’s Suggested Product   Today, I just want you to focus on getting a gratitude journal started.  If the description of my journal sounds interesting, it is available for purchase on Amazon through this link.  But don’t let the idea of needing a “fancy” book with the title Gratitude on it keep you from starting this type of daily reflection.  You can use any spiral or composition notebook or binder with loose leaf paper or any other casual journal to keep your written gratitude located.  The important part is focusing on the positive, thinking about your blessings, and figuring out the best way to achieve these good things day after day.

Happy Thanksgiving from faith-family-food!


Today’s Recipes  I am going to do a throwback to some of my favorite side dish recipes today, just in case you are looking for some last minute ideas for your Thanksgiving feast tomorrow.  Enjoy!



Cranberry Orange Sauce
All the convenience of canned cranberry but with the cozy addition of fresh orange, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
Green Beans with Bacon and Walnuts
This is not your ordinary holiday green bean casserole!


Loaded Mashed Potato Bake
Your favorite add-ons from a loaded baked potato combined with the creamy texture of mashed potatoes.


Skillet Fruit Compote
The scent of warm apples and cinnamon filling your kitchen is nothing compared to the taste of this EASY compote!